It's a guitar!... belated 3tele5 completed pictures.

This guitar was finished back in January, but I've been busy with a move to Basalt, Colorado, and haven't had much time for website work. I plan to be more up to date after this. The result is an amazing sounding and feeling guitar. It's a nice medium weight, and has a great feel both standing and sitting. The custom pickups are splittable to single coil via a push-push pot on the tone control, making this one a very versatile machine. A very cool modified tele style control plate has an angled 3-way high quality switch for the pickups, and simple volume and tone controls round out the package. The values chosen for the pots and tone cap allow very little treble to be rolled off as you roll down the volume control, which works great for those who like to turn the tube amp up, and control things from the guitar. 

Highly chambered cherry body with a beautiful curly sustainably sourced koa top. Slight arm contour on the top. Custom hand carved ebony tailpiece. Cherry neck with ebony fretboard, and custom inlays. Custom carved curly maple pickguard. High quality brass post tune-o-matic style bridge.