Custom Deluxe Reverb style amp made with all high quality components and built into a custom walnut cabinet with a Weber DT-12 speaker. 

walnut deluxe reverb

This amp started with the blackface Deluxe Reverb circuit. I changed the optical tremolo to a bias vary version similar the the one on the Princeton Reverb, which I found to have a more lush and deep sound. A few components were changed from the original schematic to warm the sound up a bit, including reducing the negative feedback. The power tubes are JJ 6v6s, biased just right, and all preamp tubes are Tung-Sol Reissue. All of this combined with the awesome Weber DT-12 speaker result in an incredibly versatile amp. Low volume cleans are amazing, and as you crank it up real loud it gets raunchy! Get all the benefits of a vintage Deluxe Reverb, but with new components so you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to have your amp tech change the caps.

This amp is for sale currently for $2000